When Do You Wake Up?

Do you hit your snooze button several times in the morning? Or do you pop out of bed before your alarm goes off? OnlineClock.net has released an infographic detailing several different types of people and how they relate to waking up in the morning.

According to their statistics 83% of all 18-29 year olds use their mobile phone as their alarm clock. Of all people, 23% use the traditional alarm clock while 14.9% use the clock radio combination to wake them up in the mornings. Only 24% of people wake up before their alarm goes off.

Women usually need more sleep than men. Why, we do not know but 20 extra minutes does females some good. Women also hit the snooze button more than men do but 10% of all people ignore their alarm at least three times in the mornings. Men are more likely to forget to set their alarm (55% as compared to 46%).

Curious to find out more? See the infographic below.