What is Your Injury Worth?

Have insurance? Thats great, but you will probably still have to pay some money, and it could be more than your home is worth! Find out how much medical compensation you will receive from an infographic released by ProvidedFor, a medical insurance provider.

Brain damage warrants £200,000 from your provider. Do you think that will be enough? A fractured nose will fetch £9,000 while a cheek fracture brings about £8000. If you lose your sight and hearing, insurers typically pay out £250,000 while blindness alone pays £130,000. Each year, over one million people attend the hospital following a head injury.

If you lose both arms, you may receive £150,000 while if you lose both hands, you can receive £100,000. Compare that to if you lose your reproductive organs. Females can be paid around £85,000 while males can receive £75,000. Interesting how losing your arms or hands, which brings about incredible changes in your life, most likely requiring 24 hour care isn’t all that far from losing your ability to have children, which aside from that devastating loss doesn’t bring about as significant of a life change.

See more in the infographic below.