The Possibilities of 3D Printing

Started in the 1980’s, 3D printing provides endless possibilities for manufacturing and can drastically alter the production and accessibility of today’s necessities. And 3D printing isn’t just making waves in the products realm. Other industries such as medicine, food production and industry materials also benefit greatly from this technological advancement.

According to Ink Technologies, the rapidly expanding possibilities of 3D printing has evolved to include a variety of materials, such as nylon, sugar and human cells. An object like jewelry uses nylon while running shoes use nylon polyamide powder.

Bionic ears can be created using calf cells, polymer gel and silver nanoparticles which can increase hearing by five gigahertz.

Chocolate sculptures can be made and cake toppers can made with sugar.

Fuel Injectors can be made with metallic powder, a motorcycle shell can be made with Windform XT and a cell phone display can be made with graphene.

See the infographic below to learn more.