Super Hero Day Jobs

This infographic from looks at what jobs some of our most beloved super heroes would have if crime ceased to exist in their communities. The infographic leads off with my favorite super hero – Batman. What would Batman do if there were no villains such as the Joker or the Penguin that needed to be caught? This infographic suggests Batman would be a Lab Technician – He certainly does have a lot of experience with fancy equipment. Moving on to Superman; this infographic seems to think that a fitting job for the man of steel is an international courier. Probably something to do with being faster than a speeding bullet 🙂 Further, cat woman would be a dog catcher and the Hulk (this is one of our favorites) would fittingly be an a demolition expert. The infographic depicts Spider man putting his comfort with heights and ability to move objects with his webbing to good use as he would be a construction worker. Storm would fittingly be a weather forecaster and Wolverine would put his skills to use as a lumber jack.