Statistics of the Average Freshman

According to Citizen’s Bank, college freshman show a lot more commonality than you might think. Starting college can be a scary, yet exciting time in life and it might be comforting to know that your fellow classmates aren’t all that different from you (even though it might seem like it!).

The average ACT score was 21.1 and the average GPA was 3.0. Average SAT scores for math was 514 out of 800. For reading and writing, it was 496 out of 800 and 488 out of 800.

The average yearly college tuition is $8,655 for public four-year in-state universities and $21,706 for public four-year out-of-state universities. Private four year colleges rack up tuition at a rate of $29,056 per year. And out of the 20 million Americans attending college each year, close to 60% use student loans to cover the cost.

Most freshman were accepted in to their first-choice college at a rate of 76%. Business is the most popular major with 14.4% of students choosing that. In close second is health with 14.1% of students. Biology takes third place with 12.6% and engineering is in fourth with 10.4%.

An overwhelmingly 79% of freshman plan to live in a dorm for their first year and the average student gets 5-6 hours of sleep. And 83% of college students plan to graduate in four years.

See the infographic below.