Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

According to Choose Home Security, one out of five homes will encounter a violent home intrusion and 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year. This translates to a burglary every 14.6 seconds and about 66% of all burglaries are targeted at residences.

Additionally, homes without a security system are three times more likely to be burglarized than a home with a comprehensive security system. Nearly $15.2 billion is lost in property theft each year, so don’t forget to bump up your insurance policy as well.

Burglars love cash first and foremost. Jewelry, laptops, guns, digital cameras, and small electronics are also favorites. To protect your valuables, it is recommended to keep your valuables and Christmas presents out of sight. Secondly, don’t advertise any travel plans over social media. This only alerts people to your absence and gives them a time window for when they can make their move. Keeping your windows and doors locked, while not impossible to break open, is just another deterrent and place they can be caught prior to the robbery.

See more in the infographic below.