Portland’s Edible Landscape

America’s green thumb seems to be on an upward trend. According to Landscape East & West, Portlands expert gardeners, over 50% of American households grow produce for personal consumption. An estimated 56 million families have grown food in the past four years and that trend is expected to increase. Surprisingly, the top reason that people decide to grow their own food is that it tastes better. In close second is that growing personal produce saves money.

The average Portland gardener spends five hours per week tending their garden and has usually gardened for over 12 years. Most gardens are approximately 600 square feet and yield 300 pounds of produce per year. Vegetables account for 75% of all gardens, followed by herbs at 39%, 33% are fruit trees, and 19% berries. The most popular vegetables grown are tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, beans and carrots.

See the infographic below to learn when to plant your produce and prepare for possible challenges of yielding a bountiful crop.

POrtland Infographic