As America’s energy use continues to grow; its innovation in home design grows as well. New home design advancements an significantly help reduce energy costs associated with homes. This is significant for two reasons: Homes account for about 20% of energy usage in the United States; and this technology helps put some green back in home owners’ pockets. This infographic from H Hudson Homes looks at modern home design vs older homes and the impact on energy usage.

In the average home, the biggest uses of energy in homes are: space heating (45%), water heating (18%), space cooling (9%), and computers and electronics (6%).

Further, this infographic claims that (as expected) older homes are less energy efficient. The infographic claims that 42% of waste and inefficiency is through the attic, 14% through windows and doors, 16% through heating and air, 8% through non-programmable thermostats, 4% through incandescent light bulbs, and 4% over improperly set appliances such as water heaters, refrigerators, and freezers.

To find out about all the ways that homes can be inefficient as well as advantages of modern home designs, check out the entire infographic below.