Motorcycles in Movies

Motorcycles are awesome. They have that extra bit of daring badassness that cars don’t have (even sporty roadsters or American muscle). Small and nimble, you’ll see Hollywood stunt doubles riding these high-powered bikes over jumps, through alleys or weaving through traffic.

On the other side of the motorcycle is the dud of a scooter. Usually the epitome of non-manliness, scooters are reserved for the nonheroes or comedies. Which brings us to the number seven pick of an infographic released by Bikesure; Dumb and Dumber, the timeless comedy. The motorbike (no, it can’t even be called a motorcycle) should be destined for scrap metal, no matter how legendary of the comedy.

Harold and Maude comes in at number six with an impound verdict for their bike. At number five, Resident Evil’s bike is labeled caution. Alice’s disrespect for the bike is blatant, and her insurance premium must be through the roof because of that explosion caused by shooting at the gas tank.

Curious to see more about the list of bikes in movies? Look below in the infographic to find the jokes about Nicholas Cage, the proclaimed favorite in the Terminator series and best of James Bond.