Most Expensive Legal Battles in History

We’ve all heard how going to court can be really expensive, but what happens if we take that to the extreme. This infographic from Croftons Injury Claims is what we get – the infographic looks at the most expensive legal battles in the history of the English court. According to the infographic, the most expensive litigation was Berezovsky vs Abramovich. This litigation cost Berezovsky £100M and Abramovich £40M for a total litigation cost of £140M. Next up is Liquidators of BCCI vs Bank of England which had a £113M total litigation cost. In third place is the Tajik Aluminium Company vs the Former Aluminium Traders which had a total litigation cost of £99M. The infographic also looks at most expensive lawsuit settlements. In first place is a settlement of $206 Billion between the United States and the Tobacco Industry in 1998. Second place is Investors vs Enron which had a settlement  of $7.2 Billion. The third section of this infographic is Most Expensive Divorces – According to the infographic, when Rupert and Anna Murdoch split after 32 years, the settlement was $1.7 Billion.

Most Expensive Legal Battles