Microsoft SharePoint Misconceptions

Heard of Microsoft SharePoint? If you have, odds are good that you’ve heard some misconceptions This infographic from Evoke IT looks at some of the most common misconceptions associated with MS SharePoint:

  • SharePoint doesn’t run on Macs & iPads – You can do it using Web Apps
  • It should be managed by IT – It should be monitored by IT but managed by the business
  • SharePoint is easy – While it’s intuitive, you still need a strategy for your team to use it well
  • Basically SharePoint is a glorified file store – While SharePoint is great for version control, there’s a lot more that it does
  • SharePoint shouldn’t need custom development – SharePoint has a lot of great functionality built in, there is a lot more you can do by customizing it!

These were just some of our favorites. To see more misconceptions about SharePoint, check out the infographic below!

Misconceptions About SharePoint