Magnetism and Electricity. A History.

How much do you know about the history of electricity and magnetism? Fortunately, has provided a handy infographic to educate us on how the human race interacted with these forces that we can’t see.

The first encounter with electricity was in 600 BC when Thales, a Greek philosopher, discovered that when amber rubbed with silk, it became electrically charged and attracted other items. This was static electricity. It wasn’t until 1175, that the next event related to electricity and magnetism occurred. This was in 1175, when an English monk named Alexander Neckham described the workings of a compass. But how was it created? Not sure about that one…

In 1600, an English physician and scientist named William Gilbert was the first to actually speak about electricity. He also wrote about the electrification of many substances and was the first person to use the terms magnetic pole, electric force, and electric attraction. He suggested that magnetism was the “heart of the Earth” and published his findings.

Curious to know more? See the infographic below.