Live to be 100

BMI Healthcare has released an infographic titled “How to Live to 100.” Everyone wants a long and meaningful life, who really ever wants to “live fast and die young?” So read on for some tips for getting to the 1-0-0.

For children, currently only 51% of boys are meeting recommended activity levels in the UK and 30% of children are overweight. An active lifestyle and a healthy weight go a long ways in extending your lifespan. Help your children by being an example and walking or biking to school with them. Play frisbee or football in the park on the weekends or encourage them to join sports teams.

Nutrition is an important factor to maintaining a healthy weight. A packed lunch should contain starches, protein, vegetables and fruit. A sandwich is a great example, although there are plenty of ways to get creative and keep your children’s lunch interesting.

See more from teenagers to older adults in the infographic below.

BMI - Live to 100 infographic