How Likely Are You to Get Burgled?

Car alarms, home alarms, guard dogs, firearms… all are in place to protect our stuff. Grandma’s jewelry, the expensive painting, the car, tools, the flatscreen LED TV, the xBox, Playstation and sound system are our precious possessions, the things we own, love, accumulate and would be devastated if anyone took it from us.

Burglaries are in fact very common. Many people know the violated feeling of having their stuff taken from them. Simplisafe has released a resource depicting the burglary rates per state.

Michigan seems closest to the United States average with 0.4% less likely to be burgled. This means that per 100,000 people, there are 664 burglaries. In Michigan, burglaries have decreased by 5.4% while the national average has decreased by 8% since 2000.

New York seems to be the safest place for your stuff, since people living in NY are 50.6% less likely to be robbed than the national average. This translates to 330 burglaries per 100,000 households. Futhermore, burglaries have decreased by 28.8% since 2000.

Whatever you do, don’t go to New Mexico. At a burglary rate of 1,025 per 100,000, you are 53.7% more likely to be robbed. Can you believe it’s decreased by 12.6% since 2000?

In the last 24 hours, $11,178, 315 worth of stuff has been stolen from US homes. This translates to 224 firearms, 106 vehicles, 352 vehicle parts (i.e. your tires), 2,681 electronics, 10 pets (who steals your dog? that’s just wrong) and 2,425 personal objects.

See how safe your stuff is by visiting the infographic.

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