Insurance for Breaking Bad’s Caravan

Most everyone has agreed that Breaking Bad is probably the awesomest show ever. And it wouldn’t be complete without their meth-cooking caravan. But have you thought about how much Walter’s insurance premium is? Most likely, that answer is no. Fortunately, Coast Insurance has provided a handy infographic to help us understand the cost to insure Walter’s livelihood.

The first item on the list is the Content Cover. Everything in the motorhome needs to be covered and all that equipment adds up to a lot of cash! Adding up the gas masks, beakers, cylinders, air filter, propane cylinder and other small tools amounts to almost $1000.

The second item on the list is accidental coverage. Exposure to rough terrain, gunshot repairs, broken bumper, gutted interior and blood stains adds up to over $7,000.

The total cost per year adds up to over $8,500! See more in the infographic below.