How’s Your Oral Health?

How are your oral habits? Do you brush your teeth? Floss? What about after drinking coffee or orange juice? These things matter because oral health can directly affect your health when you age. Teach your children good habits when they are young to prevent unwanted health issues when they get older. And so you don’t have to pay for cavities on their baby teeth.

According to Alphega Pharmacy, children who only brush their teeth once a day are more likely to develop tooth decay. And more than three out of every ten children starting school, yes that means kindergarteners, already have tooth decay. A third of children over 12 already have visible tooth decay. Not to mention that decay of the tooth is seven times more likely than those nasty allergies. Hay fever anyone?

So, lets talk about tips for parents. Clean your kids teeth until they are old enough to write in cursive or tie their shoes. Why? Because they can’t do a good job themselves. And brush your baby’s teeth. Even if they have one tooth.

See more in the infographic below.

Oral Health