How Dangerous are Motorcycles

We’ve all heard that motorcycles are dangerous, often from our moms, but really, how dangerous are motorcycles? Are they really more dangerous than cars? This infographic from Sutliff & Stout looks at just that in order to help us breakdown just how dangerous are motorcycles. Looking at the raw numbers, it doesn’t appear motorcycles are more dangerous. In 2010 there were 4,309 motorcycles involved in fatal crashes and 22,263 cars involved in fatal accidents. But, if we look at the crash rate for each vehicle type based on miles traveled we start to see a different story – for every 100 million miles, there were 35 motorcycle crashes but only 1.7 car crashes. Looking into the data further, motorcycles tended to have speeding as a cause of accidents more frequently than cars, as well as accidents caused by alcohol. And here is where all the different stats in the infographic boil down to: when we look at the percentage of crashes resulting in injury or death, we see that motorcycles are at 80% while cars are only at 20%. Further, we we look at the percentage of occupant fatalities in car accidents involving a motorcycle and a car, we see that motorcycles are at 98% and cars are only at 2%. While it does appear that motorcycles are more likely to be involved in accidents, we’ll let you decide if motorcycles are more dangerous than cars.

How Dangerous are Motorcycles - Are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than Cars