Holiday Travel this Season

The holidays are fast approaching and according to GottaPark, 30% of people will drive or fly between mid-November and the end of the year for holiday travel.

So when do most people do their holiday travels? The infographic reports that 43.3 million people travel for Thanksgiving (55%) and 91.8 million people travel for Christmas (45%), though I’m not sure that makes sense since 91.8 is much bigger than 43.3. Maybe they don’t count people who travel twice?

The average holiday flight price for a cross country flight is $550 and short distances are $220. And during the holidays, around 20,000 flights are delayed for an hour or more. Perhaps it’s due to the increased volume? Or inclement weather? The average time spent in the security line is 31.4 minutes.

So what can you do to cut down on these costs?

  • Celebrate Christmas at an earlier or later date when flights are less expensive. Then you can celebrate the holidays at home with less chaos that travel induces.
  • Book your flights six months in advance
  • Take a few extra days to drive when you would normally fly and see the country side. This especially saves money when you have a family
  • Buy presents online and have them shipped to the recipients address. This allows you to carry on luggage and forgo the baggage checking costs

See the infographic below.