Historical Inaugurations

This infographic from Wyzant looks at facts surrounding president inaugurations and how the presidents got there. One interesting fact in this infographic is that the Obama vs McCain election was the most expensive ever, costing a cumulative total of 1.4 Billion dollars. The previous record was in 1968 when Nixon ran against Humphrey and Wallace, which totaled just over 600 million dollars. This infographic also looks at some other facts such as the amount of debt that each president started with as well as the unemployment rate. Another interesting table at the bottom of the infographic looks at the president’s approval rating when they took office and when they left. Many will think recently of Bush’s large 29 point decrease in approval rating, but it is interesting to note that this is not nearly the larges drop – Truman had a 56 point drop. Further, Bush’s 30% approval rate is on par with Carter, Nixon, and Truman.

Historical Inaugurations Statisitics