Golfing Tips – Quick Fixes for the 7 Most Dreaded Shots in Golf

Golf is a sport of much skill; that said, even some small mistakes can quickly inflate your score. This infographic from My Golf Instructor looks at the 7 most dreaded shots in golf and gives you golf tips to quickly correct your mistakes. First up is the shank – this is typically caused by lunging forward towards the ball, having your weight on the front of your feet while standing too close to the ball, or swinging too far from outside or inside. The result is hitting the ball on the hosel of the club, causing the ball shoot off at an angle. The good news is that this infographic has some tips for you to fix your shot. Try backing away from the ball, reaching for the ball, planting and keeping your weight on your heels, and keeping the rear end back through contact.

That is just the first shot. These golf tips help you with 6 other shots: hitting it fat, hitting it thin, the hook, the slice, the push, and the pull. To recover from these ailments plaguing your golf game, check out the infographic below.

Golf Tips - Shank, Hook, Fat, Thin, Splice, push pull shots