Furnace Maintenance Tips

Everyone knows that proper maintenance of anything will result in a longer life for the product. Whether it’s your car, stereo, or furnace, it’s much cheaper to maintain your belongings than buy new ones more often than needed. Fortunately, AAA Heating and Cooling has provided a few tips on how to keep your furnace rolling and understand when to replace it.

If it’s making a rocking/rattling or vibrating noise, it could be a cracked heat exchanger or a loose cover. Definitely schedule a repair technician to come take a look. If there’s a scraping sound, the ball bearings could be going out which can cause major damage. Turn it off and schedule an appointment right away. The same goes for high pitched squealing. It could be a loose belt.

The average furnace lives for 16-20 years and loses its efficiency as it ages, especially if it’s not maintained well. If your house isn’t equally heated and you need to adjust the thermostat often, it might need a tune-up.

There’s a lot more information! Read on in the infographic below.