Fastmetrics has provided a pricing infographic that seems to depict their services offered for small, medium and large businesses. As you may know, at the core of many businesses is the infrastructure, which plays a large part in the quality of services that a company can offer. Phone and internet are central to conducting business.

They offer cloud based phone lines and data center services for all business sizes. Small businesses can also get T1 lines and aDSL2+. Medium sized businesses can get both T1 lines and bonded T1 lines. Large businesses can for a higher cost, get Ethernet over Copper and Fiber Optic Internet.

Let’s take a look at a few types of internet lines to see what you can get. Ethernet over Copper is different from regular ethernet. You can’t plug it in to a computer or conventional ethernet switch. It’s lower cost since it’s just twisted telephone wire and provides a consistent experience to the customer. The disadvantage is similar to DSL in that the further away you are from the central office, the less speed you can receive.

Now let’s look at aDSL2+. It’s actually an extension to ADSL broadband with faster download speeds. When installed, a filter is inserted at the end of the wire to split the voice and internet. Usually available in metropolitan areas, subscribers should be close to the central office for best speeds.

Lastly, lets look at Bonded T1. It’s actually two T1 lines that have been joined together to increase bandwidth. It provides twice the speed of one T1 line at 3Mbps and must be joined in to the same router at the endpoint.