Everything we need to know about autumn

While we all know that autumn comes after summer and the leaves fall off trees and the temperature drops, how much do we really know about this well regarded season? Autumn is a fascinating time of year. The leaves are turning and animals are busying themselves with collecting enough food to keep them going over a long winter.

This infographic from Center Parcs looks at the details of autumn. Let’s start with the birds – many birds begin to migrate away to warmer climates as the summer comes to an end – Lots of migratory birds arrive in the UK from North America to settle in the warmer climates.¬†As a result, many Geese start to arrive in England’s ponds and lakes in the beginning of Autumn. Other animals, such as squirrels have to start storing up provisions for the winter. For squirrels, this means building up large cache’s of nuts. Similarly, bees store up their honey all through summer so that they can hide away when autumn comes. Additionally, hedgehogs start their hibernation at the end of autumn. To get more fun facts on autumn and to learn how to make a bug hotel, read the infographic below!