Document Restoration 101

According to the Polygon Group, 25% of business fail after a natural disaster and document losses are extremely detrimental. Fortunately, document restoration is possible with time and money.

Since 1953, there are 10 states that have had the most document losses in natural disasters: New York, Florida, Oklahoma, California, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri and Kentucky.

There are a few natural disasters that hit businesses the most. In 2011, Tropical Storm Irene damaged 500 boxes of the Department of Environment Conservation paper records. To restore these documents, they were vacuum freeze-dried and digitally scanned. In 2012, the University of Wisconsin-Superior library flooded, damaging 200,000 books and 45,000 of these were beyond repair. More than 100,000 books were freeze-dried to restore them. In 1995, a fire damaged 10% of the legal court records of the Contra Costa Courthouse. These documents were freeze-dried and then cleaned to restore them.

Prevention against disasters like this is simple: digital scanning and storage. To see more, see the infographic below.