Digital Eye Strain – Computers Giving You Trouble?

As more and more of us work in front of a computer screen, a bigger portion of the population is beginning to deal with ‘digital eye strain’, also referred to as ‘computer eye strain’. What is this eye strain I mention? According to this infographic by Get Lenses, eye strain is caused by over use of digital devices and the eyes having to constantly refocus and reposition in order to process information including text and graphics. Further, anyone who is in front of a digital screen is at risk, this means, tv’s, computers, and phones can all contribute to digital eye strain. According to the infographic, symptoms include redness or irritation of the eyes, blurred vision  dry eyes, general fatigue, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. To find out how to prevent digital eye strain, read the infographic below.

computer eye strain - digital eye strain