The Credit Ratings of Superheroes

Who among the many superheroes has the worst credit rating? According to Aspire Money, your favorite people may not be as financially viable as the comics or movies make them appear. Take Ironman for example. Tony Stark transformed his fathers company in to a multi-billion dollar industry for advanced weaponry munition for the United States Government. Yet the cost of being Ironman is more than you might thing. Even with the multi-billion dollar company, the cost of all the gadgets, technology, property, cars etc is 1,029,437,579.03 exactly. Hopefully Tony Stark is as good with money as he is with spending it. We wouldn’t want Ironman to declare bankruptcy would we?

Spiderman, the scientific researcher and part time photographer inherited his superpowers from the bite of an infected spider. For many years he fought the green goblin with his side job of taking photographs for a newspaper. Without a steady wage, it’s likely that even after Spiderman landed his dream job at Horizon Labs, he has some credit card debt to pay off, making his credit rating a little less than desire-able.

Curious to find out who has the worst credit rating. I’ll give you a hint, he hates kryptonite and wears tights. Perhaps he, or any other of the superheroes, can get personal loans for poor credit from Aspire Money?