The Cost of Halloween in the US

What use to be a much smaller holiday has turned in to one of the most expensive holidays of the year. Americans are spending more than ever on costumes, decorations and of course, candy. According to The Price Gun Store, the average American spends between $70 and $80 each year, contributing to an average annual spend of $7.2 billion.

In 2012, people in the US spent the most of any Halloween, amounting to $8 billion dollars. The meant that each person in the US spent $79.82, almost $30 of which went to costumes. The top selling adult costume is a witch, coming in at $32.99. In close second is the vampire at $31.50. For children, the top selling costume for girls and boys is tied. A princess and Batman are both popular, costing even more than adult costumes at $34.99 each. People buy their pets costumes too and the pumpkin is most popular.

Pumpkins aren’t necessarily cheap either and the price has changed throughout the years. In 2012, a shortage drove the average 17.5 pound price up to $4.80 each.

Candymakers make bank on this holiday, since it’s the biggest moneymaker throughout the year. M&Ms are the most popular, reaching $673.2 million annually. Reeses is a distant second at $516 million and Hershey comes in at $475 million. The average family purchases 4 bags of candy at a cost of $4.50 each, meaning that in 2013 a family will spend about $22 on candy. This amounts to a US spend $2.08 billion.

Want to learn more? See the infographic below!