Cloud Computing Facts – Predictions for Cloud Computing

We’ve all heard of the cloud and how it’s revolutionizing computing (though some of us may be less sure actually how it is revolutionizing :), but what lays ahead for cloud computing? inTechnology tries to answer that with their new infographic – Predictions for cloud computing. There are many factors that have made cloud computing so popular. Below are some of the cloud computing facts in the infographic. One of these is the ability to scale computing power – 61% of IT managers said the ability to easily scale computing power is the largest benefit of the cloud. Further it is a pay as you go model, requiring no real upfront investment (compared to buying your own servers). This also removes the commitment to infrastructure – 19% of IT managers believe that this is one of the biggest benefits of cloud computing. So we know why it’s popular but what impact is this having? This infographic predicts:

  • 4.4 Million IT jobs will be created by 2015 to support ‘Big Data’
  • 4G services will drive mobile apps into the cloud
  • Cloud customers will triple over the next five years
  • The personal cloud will replace the personal computer by 2014

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