Clear Out the Clutter!

The top low-cost DIY home improvement project is clearing your home with an estimated ROI of 403%. Is your home cluttered? Do you like to collect items or do you just hate to clean things up? According to Sparefoot, clutter falls in to two categories: lazy clutter (everything you should throw away but just haven’t) and memory clutter (your kids old toys, sentimental photos or trinkets).

Not only can you sell your home for money by clearing out clutter, but it can lift your mood as well. Homeowners are 42% more likely to experience anxiety when their home is unorganized or messy. Chaos also restricts your ability to focus and process information. Need to use your brain? Grab a trashcan and start tossing!

The average American also spends a year of their life looking for lost items. By clearing out clutter and organizing your home, it makes it easier to find things! Read on in the infographic below for more information.