How to Choose an Orthodontist

Do you or your child have crooked teeth? Are you considering treatment options to straighten them?

According to The Schulhof Center, there are several reasons why you might want to consider braces and because it takes time for your teeth to align, choosing an orthodontist you trust is vital. Are you afraid to smile because of how your teeth look? Do you have issues with grinding or clenching? Is it hard to eat because of your teeth (especially biting in to fruits or corn)? Or do you have bad breath because your toothbrush can’t get in to all the crevices? Some people also have speech difficulties because of misaligned teeth or Malocclusion.

If any of the reasons outlined above make it difficult for you in your daily life, it’s probably time for an orthodontist. Fortunately, there are several different solutions that can fit in to your lifestyle. Traditional metal braces are cost effective. So if you don’t mind the high visibility of your teeth treatment, they are a great option. Invisalign also works for some cases, but not all. It’s a plastic casing that goes on your teeth, people can definitely see it if they look close.

There’s a few more options, see the infographic below to learn more.