Brits Abroad!

Travel Association ABTA has released an infographic detailing the places Brits go when it’s vacation time. Lets take a look, shall we?

Of the top 10 holiday destinations, most Brits take flight to Spain. With it’s beaches and warm weather, why not? In second place is France and in distant third is the United States. Following those top three are: Italy, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium and in last place is Cyprus.

The most popular honeymoon destinations are the European countries of Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Italy. In second place is the Caribbean, consisting of Barbados, St. Lucia and Mexico. For the US, Las Vegas and Orlando top the list. Indian Ocean falls in to fourth place, with people traveling to Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

Gap year destinations also seem to be a thing for Brits. Topping the list is Thailand, followed by Australia, USA, South Africa and Peru.

The top five cities to visit on the Brits list is Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Rome and New York.

Want to learn more? See the infographic below.