BLDC Motors – Medical Advances Made Possible by BLDC Motors

Brushless DC (BLDC) motors play an important role in the medical field. They have made possible some significant medical advances. This infographic from Sinotech looks at 4 of these advances. The first is sleep apnea treatment – some people’s breathing stops or becomes shallow while sleeping. The solution is the continuous positive airway pressure respirator that regulates airway pressure to keep people breathing. The second significant area of advancement made possible by BLDC motors is bodily fluid testing. The third area is blood clot prevention – BLDC motors are an integral part of the pneumatic compression sock which delivers intermittent compression to keep blood circulating and prevent clotting. Finally, this infographic brings us to mobile breathing assistance. Due partly to BLDC motors, assisted breathing devices have become portable, allowing patients to walk around and be mobile.

BLDC Motors in Medical Advances