BetVictor World Darts Matchplay

The 20th BetVictor World Darts Matchplay is coming up soon. Are you prepared? If you’re not, take a look at the infographic below and read on to learn more.

  • For the World Rankings, Phil Taylor is the number one spot, Michael Van Gerwen is numero dos and Adrian Lewis is in third place.
  • The odds for big Phil winning is 11/4, he likes to walk in to “The Power” by Snap! (his nickname is also “The Power”)
  • Phil has won 13 out of 19 World Matchplay Dart Tournaments.

So how is the Matchplay structured? The first round is best out of 19 legs, second round is best out of 25 legs, the Quarter finals are best out of 31 legs, the Semi-Finals are best out of 33 legs, and the Finals are best out of 35 legs. BetVictor is currently offering cash back on outright bets if Michael Van Gerwin wins!