Asthma and Allergies in America

It seems as if Asthma and allergies are becoming more common in the United States – if you don’t have it, odds are you know someone with Asthma and someone with allergies. This infographic from Oransi looks at just how common Asthma and allergies are and how they impact people’s lives. According to the infographic, 7.7% of the US population has Asthma and 55% of the population has tested positive for at least one allergen. More than 2 millions adults over 65 have Asthma. Further, 1 in 5 people have either Asthma symptoms or allergy symptoms. According to the infographic, it appears genetics play a large role in people developing Asthma or allergies – if one parent has Asthma, there are 33% odds of their child getting Asthma. Similarly, 70% of children with two parents who have allergies will develop allergies. To find out more about what causes Asthma and allergies, alongside what these conditions result in, read the infographic below.
Asthma and Allergies