The 5 Worst Driving Habits in the UK

An average Britain will drive over 269,000 miles each year. In that span of time, there are plenty of dangerous tendencies that can contribute to accidents, collisions and pedestrian incidents.

According to the Car Buying Service, a company that helps you sell your car with confidence, first bad driving habit is distracted driving. Distracted driving contributes to 2,500 crashes each day adding up to over 920,000 each year. Fixing hair, makeup or clothes while driving is admitted to by 25% of commuters and 72% confessed to eating while driving. Texting, a big no-no in the U.S., is something that 31% of drivers admit to as well.

The number two UK driving habit is aggressive driving and road rage. Reportedly, 5:45 pm on Friday is the peak time for road rage to occur, followed by the Monday morning commute. Men are 7 times more likely to experience road rage while women are only 3 times as likely. Most motorists consider themselves a respectful driver, since 70% thinks they drive in a way that does not cause anger to others.

Read more in the infographic below.

5 Worst Driving Habit in the UK_Infographic_revised 2