10 Deadliest Counties for Illinois Drivers

This infographic from Salvi, Schostok, & Prtichard P.C. Law Offices contains information on driving fatalities for the state of Illinois. According to the infographic, Cook County lead the state of Illinois in the number of fatalities, but Hardin County had they highest percentage of deaths as a percentage of the population. Further, the infographic claims that motorcycles were the deadliest mode of transportation according to their statistics. According to this infographic, the top 10 deadly counties in the state of Illinois for drivers (based on the fatality percentage of counties total population) are:

  • Hardin
  • Pope
  • Gallatin
  • Cumberland
  • Iroquis
  • Jersey
  • Clay
  • Washington
  • Wayne
  • Randolph

This infographic also reports on the deadliest modes of transport (the rate of death per 1000 Accidents) – According to the data in the infographic the deadliest ways to get around are:

  1. Motorcycle (over 150 cc)
  2. Motorcycle (under 150 cc)
  3. Pickup Truck
  4. Truck-Tractor With Semi Trailer
  5. Passenger Car
  6. Van

The good news out of all of this is that fatalities per year due to improper seat belt use has declined significantly since 2001, from 1,414 deaths in 2001 to 918 deaths in 2011.

Deadliest Counties for Illinois Drivers