Using Infographics to Promote Offers & Competitions

Infographics are becoming an increasingly common way for companies to promote their offers and competitions online. But why the sudden boom in infographics? There are many reasons why these are becoming one of the most popular online marketing techniques for businesses in a wide variety of niches.

Using Infographics To Promote Offers and Competitions

Visual Graphics Appeal to Internet Users

Internet users love visually stimulating content. Although written content certainly has its place, people are always looking for other ways to get access to information. Infographics provide exactly that. An infographic is a simple, clear and interesting way to present information that is easy to scan.

As a result, infographics are perfect to share. If you have a special offer that you want to share with as many people as possible, create an interesting infographic and you are almost certain to get more shares.

More shares means that more people will see the infographic and more people will encounter the competition or special offer. At the same time, you may also be able to build more backlinks pointing to your website, which can help to increase your visibility in the search engines.

Provide More Value

Sending details of a special offer provides value in itself, but sometimes customers can get tired of receiving endless offers. You can add value to your offer by including it in an infographic. This way you are providing your customers with something fun, informative or humorous, and you can use your infographic as an excuse to send them details of your special offer rather than just blasting offers out at them.

Make the Information Pertinent to the Offer

The best way to make use of an infographic for a special offer is to make the offer link to the information in the infographic in some way.

Take this infographic about road trips, for example. It contains a lot of information about road tripping across the USA, all beautifully presented and easy to scan. When the reader gets to the end, they find that they can get a free tank of fuel when they book their rental car.

This is an excellent location to place an offer because people who have read through the infographic will be informed and, hopefully, inspired to take action.

Infographics Are Effective for Any Call to Action

If the readers have found the infographic interesting enough to read to the end, they will feel like you have provided them with value, making the end of an infographic a great time to get readers to convert. This can be achieved in a wide variety of scenarios. For example:

this infographic explains the life of a research beagle, and at the end there is a strong call to action to sign a petition against testing on beagles.

– this infographic provides the reader with a selection of facts related to pizzas, and then at the end there is a large call to action asking readers to visit the website of a pizza delivery firm.

another infographic uses humour to explain the features of the ultimate football fan, and at the end there is a large call to action to get people to download a football-related game.

Use Infographics to Promote Your Special Offers

There are lots of excellent ways to use infographics to help you to achieve your online marketing goals. If you have special offers or competitions to promote, try to link these to an infographic to see if you can improve the results of your campaign.