The History of Glass

Our infographic timeline which shows how glass has evolved from the first manmade objects discovered in Mesopotamia to the paper-thin wrap around glass of today. The timeline covers some of the major developments over the centuries including how the Roman’s helped to spread glassmaking across Europe, the role of Venice as a major centre for glassmaking during the middle ages and how a laboratory accident led to the creations of laminated glass. The timeline is by no means intended to represent a complete history of glass but rather to provide an overview of some of the most significant developments the glass industry has seen. It was important to illustrate how glassmaking has spread throughout the world, how it has been used by different cultures and the influential individuals who have helped bring about the major technical advances within the industry. Key stats from the UK glass industry have been included to show the extent to which glass forms a essential part of our everyday lives. Infographic by Kingfisher Windows

Infographic Via Kingfisher Windows