The Green Olympics

The London 2012 Olympic committee has engaged in an intense campaign to market themselves as the “first sustainable Olympics.” In fact, when the city was vying for the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, they promoted five main themes to focus their green efforts: climate change, waste, biodiversity, inclusion, and healthy living. Highlights of their sustainability plan include the goal of tracking the entire carbon footprint of the event, and shipping 50% of construction material by river or rail–a goal they managed to surpass by 10%. This infographic covers the highlights of their sustainability plan. Data was found in documents provided by the London 2012 planning committee and interviews with sustainability experts. Because of the international attention the Olympics receives, setting a precedent for sustainability at the Games is a global call for more awareness of environmental issues. My favorite idea in the sustainability plan was making the trash cans used at the venues shorter than the recycling and compost bins. This would make people have to stoop lower to throw away trash. I know I’m often tempted to just throw away items rather than consider where they actually belong. Recycling as a byproduct of laziness, I’ll take it.

Infographic via Open Sesame 

Thanks to SLO Web Design for finding this one.