The Evolution of Christmas

Christmas traditions as well as the gifts given on Christmas have evolved significantly over the years. This infographic from Money SuperMarket looks at the top gifts given to boys and girls over the past 100 years as well as the financial value associated with those items. Some of the highlights from this infographic are: in 1910’s – Erector sets (£37.75) and the Composition Bluette (£6.68) and the Teddy Bear (£17.80). As we progress into the 1920’s the popular items for boys change to model trains while dolls (the Raggedy Ann Doll) remain popular for girls. The infographic shows Monopoly (£16.42) being a huge hit in the 1930’s as well as die cast cars for boys – yet dolls remain popular for girls. Machines continue to be a hit with boys as Model Airplanes are the big hit in the 40’s. The 1950’s show a return of model cars with the Matchbox cars as the popular gifts for boys while the Frisbee and Play-Doh make appearances.We also see Barbie showing up on the girls side. Read the infographic to see how the next 50 years go!

The Evolution of Christmas Infographic