The Best Free Infographic Tools To Create Your Own Infographics

Infographics, the graphical representation of data is able to make any complex information visually attractive and exciting and compel the readers to get your message. Since a picture speaks better than a thousand words, and given a choice between a long article and an infographic, readers tend to prefer to have information from an infographic and it has been proven that colorful infographics make the readers stay on the site for a longer time.

To get your point across to your readers you can use a number of free infographic tools and create the Infographics of your own. 

With a set of online Free infographic tools and software available at your finger tips, it is easy to create effective infographics that will help you to create engaging content for your visitors while building traffic and links to your site. The following are some highly effective tools for creating infographics for free.

  • Piktochart: This tool will let you use a large selection of themes to create your own infographic. With its customizable editor you can modify fonts, color schemes and insert pre-loaded graphics, uploaded images and basic shapes. With grid lines on the templates you can resize images and line up items evenly. This tool has free and paid versions available – the paid version has improved functionality, but the free version works great!
  • With you can start with six layouts and add your information into each of its pre-set boxes and you can also add or delete boxes as well. There are lots of other advantages like you can add text boxes, maps, photos or even video and share the completed infographics though social media, place it on your website by using the embedded code. Further, this software will let you create interactive infographics!
  • This free Infographic tool allows you to start with a blank canvas or a dozen of free templates. Moreover, you are able to remove a specific part of a template and substitute it with something new from ten categories of graphics from their image bank. You will get connector lines, arrows and common shapes as well. This tool also lets you customize the text with a selection of fonts, sizes, colors and text styles. Uploading your graphics and positioning them with a single touch is also possible with it.
  • Hohli Charts: This free software allows you to create excellent charts just the way you want. Using this brilliant tool you can create bar, lines, radar charts, scatter plots, Venn diagrams and pie charts.
  • AmCharts: This tool allows you to create great charts for your interactive infographics. Available as a set of Flex Components or Javascript/HTML5, this robust charting tool is suitable for any dataviz need.

Apart from these there are lots of other Infographic tools like Photo Stats, StatSilk, Timeline JS, Dipity, Venngage, Many Eyes, ChartsBin, Tableau Public, Creately, Gliffy, SIMILE Widgets, Tagxedo, Wordle that help to create excellent Infographics.

The best part about Infographics is that through the visual representation you are able to communicate a huge amount of data and being composed of images it lets you get the information at a glance. Infographics has lots of uses in business, it can be used to compare products, map sales; display financial data, work-flow, exhibit employee bonuses or to entertain the customers.

If these are a little overwhelming for you, you might want to look into an Infographic Design Agency who is well versed in infographic design and the connections between brand, business and consumers and reach out to your clients using proper visual communication.