Immediacy And Social Media

Speed is of the essence in social media if you want your brand to engage with users and develop a real following on a network.

Social media holds so much potential for companies to connect with their target customer base, yet there are right and wrong ways to go about a strategy. Just taking part does not guarantee a win, so think about your whole social media and marketing strategy before jumping in.

It is not enough to just send the odd tweet here and there, or update your firm’s Face book page periodically – one of the strengths of social is its immediacy, so harness this by being pro-active on whichever networks you choose to delve into.


The social media world is a fast moving place and you need to keep pace with it if you are going to make a good impression. You could send out the same tweet on one day and get a great response, yet use the same one a week later only to be met with criticism. Timeliness is key.

If you are going to be a leader on social media then you have to be aware of what is happening in your industry, so make sure to follow influential people and news providers. Having the knowledge of what your target audience is engaging with makes it easier to know how to start conversations.


Once you have put out your initial status update, whether it is on Face book, Twitter, Linked In or any other network, the work really begins, since you have just started a conversation. In real life, you would not start a conversation then leave; you would listen to what other people had to say then respond to them. The same goes for social interactions.

As well as being crucial to respond when someone makes a comment, you need to think about how you talk to them and how quickly you can get a response back. The nature of social media is that messages are instant, so if a consumer speaks to you, then they will expect you to respond soon after.

This means that you cannot just leave your social media profile for days at a time. It should be something that you monitor closely, as the relationships you build can be beneficial to the brand, both in terms of potential sales and your company’s image. Aim to get back people as soon as you can with a relevant response and you will be well on your way to creating a digital friendship.

 About the Author: Andy Johnson says someone will master how to market effectively and measurably via social media and all of us in marketing will need to learn how to adapt those discoveries to our businesses. He is a social media marketing expert and writes on this topic. He has shared his views through his content. He suggests  to gather more information about marketing help and ideas.