How Much Do Americans Spend On Christmas

We all know Christmas is an expensive holiday for Americans, but just how much do Americans spend on Christmas. This infographic lays it out for us. The average Family budget for Christmas in 2012 is $749.51, up almost 10 dollars from 2011 and up about $30 from 2010 – Maybe our economy is slowly improving 🙂 This is still down from the $755.13 high of 2007. Research shows that early shoppers tend to spend 14% more than the average shopper. Heard the saying “kids are expensive”? Christmas is part of that – US parents are spending an average of $271 per child on gifts this holiday season. This infographic provides a great breakdown of the average 2012 Christmas budget with $548.56 going to gifts, about $100 going to food and candy, $51.99 spent on decorations (including the tree), $28.66 on greeting cards, and $19.55 on flowers.

How Much Do Americans Spend on Christmas 2012 Statistics