Creating a Successful Infographic: How I got My Infographic on CNET

How My Infographic Got Featured on

As a blogger and marketer one of my main objectives is to get visitors and attention to my website. Many techniques are put into play just to get some exposure to various articles and content. Something that seems to always pull peoples attention are infographics and they do love to share them. There is no doubt that infographics can showcase various facts and information in a visually impressive way. Now and again you may see different types of infographics making their way to major websites and being socially shared on Facebook and Twitter. These are most likely the ones that have gone viral on the net.

I put forth some effort and time to create an infographic that I felt would definitely be interesting and share-worthy. After coming up with an idea, finding a designer, getting it created and then submitting it to various infographic directories and blogs I had to sit back and wait for the results. On the same day I released it I had received over 3000 new visitors to my website which is fairly common whenever a creative infographic is made.

But I knew I had something interesting when had posted it on their site and had also gave a link back to my website. Getting visitors to your website with an attention grabbing content shouldn’t be your only objective but also getting links back to your site should as well. Those links carry weight when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) which helps your site rise in the search results for various key terms. After my infographic was featured and mentioned on top level websites I had an additional visitors from those sites throughout the month.

Overall I had created a successful infographic that was liked, shared and talked about. So the question arises. How do I get mentioned on Or in other words; how do I create a successful infographic.

So let me give some specifics on how I started off.

1. Finding an Idea.

By far this was the most difficult part of the creation process. Coming up with an original idea without copying others and having it relate to my website was a hard task to accomplish. My site,, is dedicated to free trials and premium offers for various online services. So having an infographic relate to my niche was going to take some time. I offer multiple movie streaming services such as Netflix and I had recently read an article about how pirated movies were still on the rise regardless of services that are available such as Hulu and Netflix.

After gathering data from multiple sources I had come up an idea for infographic about Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of All Time. Now after collecting the data I had to mapped out what I wanted the infographic to showcase and why it would be important or interesting to the public.

2. Finding a Designer.

Now since I had the idea I now had to find a designer that would help me create the infographic. I learned that infographics can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000 just to have the data collected and have it designed properly. As a blogger I did not have that kind of funds to spend so I did the best next thing. I went to multiple freelancer websites that let you list your project and set your own price, so you have total control of who you hire. Fortunately enough I found a designer that provided her portfolio and seemed professional.

I set a deadline and we communicated through email to talk about details of the infographic. After about 2 weeks she had the finished product. It looked perfect and visualized the data perfectly.

3. Submitting the Infographic.

Submitting the infographic was pretty easy to complete. All I did was Google “Infographic Directories” and I found multiple lists of websites that would review and publish my infographic if it met their standards. This task can also be outsourced but having control where your infographic is submitted would help you in the future when it comes to SEO. A little tip – Make sure that the descriptions are unique and are not the same when submitting to directories. If you used data from another website reach out to them and inform them that the infographic that you have created was the with the help of their content (make sure to credit any data collected at the bottom of your infographic). These websites will most likely publish your infographic since it contains their information. Its a win-win situation.

I did not submit the infographic to CNET but they picked it up when saw it being shared on Reddit and Digg. These two websites can help you get an explosion of traffic if your content is worth sharing. The users on these website are tough judges so if they don’t see any value in your content they will not upvote or share it at all.

The effects of getting a attention from CNET

Initially I got plenty of natural links back to my website from many blogs which improved my ranking on Google and other search engines. But once my infographic was mentioned on CNET other major website also snagged it up and wrote an article about it. The overall effects of getting attention from CNET improved my ranking and got continual referral visits on a daily basis.

If you want to the same type of success as I did there is only 3 things you should concentrate on; idea, data and designer. Having an attention grabbing idea will be the main key to having your content shared. Collecting the data for that idea and organizing it in a simple way will improve the way people absorb the information. And lastly, having a designer that is a professional but also can work on your set budget is very important. Make sure to view the designers portfolio and see if his or her work fits with what you have in mind. The point of a infographic is to showcase information and data in a visually effective way but also having exposure is highly valuable. Be diligent in your efforts of sharing and submitting the infographic, keep at it till you get influential websites to publish and write about it.

About the Author: Savio Kal runs which is dedicated to listing free trials from various online services such as, Blockbuster total access, Netflix, eHarmony and many more.