Christmas Insurance Claims – Thieves, Fires & Floods

When we think of the holidays it’s usually family, friends, and loved ones that come time mind in addition to all the holiday parties and festive decorations. What we forget about are the things that go wrong, such as fires, floods, and robberies. These can make the holidays a much more unpleasant time, especially if your insurance coverage isn’t that great. This infographic from Methodist Insurance highlights some of the realities of insurance claims around the holidays. While claims continually come in, the ones around Christmas and the holidays can be exceptionally problematic. Not only because everyone is very busy, but because all the extra gifts, valuables, and food around, insurance claims can be significantly higher than at other times of the year. This infographic claims that 80,000 people are accidentally¬†injured¬†at this time of the year. 680m Pounds. The average claim in December is 16% more than the rest of the year.

Christmas Insurance Claims Thieves Floods and Fires