Best Free Tools & Resources to Create Infographics

The best resources are free ones. This may not be true, but in the case of creating an Infographic, a free resource can be far better than paying for one. This article covers a few free tools and resources you can use to create your Infographic. Nobody said that your Infographic has to be the most comprehensive or visually pleasing, but at least if you have these tools, you have option of making yours visually pleasing and comprehensive.

Many Eyes

This resource will allow you to choose from various visualization methods and choose various data sets. They have a large variety of visualization methods. The program will probably have to be paid for once it is more developed, but is currently free.


This allows you to share your visual creations online in a simple and easy manner. It was created by the people at WordPress, and has a similar Infographic building mechanism. They use the WordPress drag and drop system to help create an Infographic in the simplest manner possible.

Good Labs

This is an Infographic creator that has been built by a large number of people but is, in effect, a fairly simple Infographic creator. The best part about it is their pie chart creation tools. This is for people who wish to rely on their data instead of relying on fancy graphics.

Chart Gizmo

You can use this tool for free or you can pay for a better version. It allows you to create charts for things such as your blog, website or social network. This also means you can create charts for your Infographic too. It is good for helping you to visualize your data is a more user friendly way. It is great for creating charts for scientific or financial data, and it allows you to import and export from/to several data or file types.


This tool allows you to browse a gallery of Infographic templates, which you are then able to customize for your own purposes. The more you customize it then the more original it looks. It means that you do not need to fork out on graphic design tools or costs. It is good for both people who have little time to complete Infographic designs, and for people who do not have the design skills to create a good Infographic. They also allow you to publish your Infographic on their site too.

Online Charts Builder

This tool allows you to make up 3D pie charts that you can manipulate into various shapes. It is easy to use and place on your Infographic.


This will help you to make and then publish your Infographic. It will help you to engage your viewers by tracking the results of your Infographic. You can use this information to optimize your Infographics so that the next one you create will have better results. It is a creation and publication program.


The similar name is a clue that they may help you create Infographic designs. It gives you themes and designs to help you make your own Infographic. All you need to do is pick the design elements you want to use.


This allows teams of people to work together on one Infographic. It can be used by a single person if the need requires, but its collaborative tools mean that one person may work on an Infographic with numerous others. By the way of tools it has a project manager, curved connectors, one-click styling, real-time collaboration, varied shapes, one click publishing, inline commenting, and team management tools. The interface is attractive and easy to use, and its collection of tools means that even single users may gain some benefit from the resource.


This will help you to create “word clouds” from the text you provide. This tool will allow you to create word clouds where certain words have more prominence than others.


This allows people to create timelines online. You can organize the information on your Infographic with a timeline, using the date and time. If your Infographic has a narrative it will help people to follow the information you are giving. It allows you to add images and graphics onto the timeline; it does not insist that you use just text.

Tableau Software

This is a powerful little tool for manipulating data on your Infographic. You are able to post content on your Infographic if you download the tool. They also have a training section too to help you get the hang of the application.

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