2012 Olympic Trivia and Stats

The Olympics are here which also means that Olympic trivia is here. Fortunately for you, after reading this infographic on Olympic statistics and trivia, you will be ready to take on anyone at trivia next week.

To get you started, the United States has won more Olympic medals than any other country. The US has won 2,302, Russia 1,122, Great Brittain 890.5, Germany 658.5 and France 633.

In the 2012 London Olympics, there will be 10,500 athletes from 204 different countries. There are 26 different sports that these athletes will compete in and 302 events!

Here is some more prime trivia for you. The oldest man to win an Olympic gold medal is Oscar Swahn of Sweden who was 64 when he won the ‘Shooting Running Deer’ event. Sybil Newell of Great Britain was 53 when she won gold in archery. Similarly, the youngest athletes to have won gold are Kusuo Kitamura of Japan who was 14 when he won diving and Marjorie Gestring who was­ 13 when she won swimming.

If you are quizzed on who has won the most medals, we have that for you too. Michael Phelps has won 16 medals while Larisa Latynina of the USSR has won 18 olympic medals.

It costs $14.3 Billion to bring the Olympics to London (compared to the $43 Billion it took to bring them to Bejing)

Count of Olympic Medals by Country

United States

Gold Medals – 929
Silver Medals – 731.5
Bronze Medals – 641.5
Total – 2,302

Gold Medals – 440
Silver Medals – 357
Bronze Medals – 325
Total – 1,122

Great Britain
Gold Medals – 208.5
Silver Medals – 357
Bronze Medals – 325
Total – 890.5

Gold Medals – 195.5
Silver Medals – 222
Bronze Medals – 241
Total – 658.5

Gold Medals – 192
Silver Medals – 209
Bronze Medals – 232
Total – 633

2012 London Olympics Statistics Trivia

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